DANA BUCZEK has four years experience in natural health and living, servicing Glen Waverley and its surrounding areas.

Dana helps people improve their quality of life by reducing stress, improving sleep quality, improving circulation, detoxing the body, losing body weight and keeping a stable body weight. Her treatments also help to increase vitality, improve digestion and reduce symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

M. Sc (Sci), B. Sc (Chem), Assoc Dip (Med), Dip Kinesiology/ Neuro-Training, Adv Cert IV Reflexology, Cert Weight Management , Cert Herbs, Cert Nutrition ,Cert Flower Essences, Cert Touch for Health. Registered Practitioner: AKA, RAoA, ATMS

Health funds rebates apply. Gift vouchers are also available for your loved ones or friends.

Give Dana a call to book an appointment. You can also use the form below to send an enquiry.

0407 556 202

Suite 1 / 64-66 Kingsway, Glen Waverley VIC 3150

Monday and Thursday: 4pm – 9pm
Tuesday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm

*Free introduction every Tuesdays: 4pm – 7pm


danabuczek3“I lost 22kg and it was so easy thanks to Dana’s weight loss program. I love my new body and so does my husband.” – Janelle, Ivanhoe VIC

“After my pregnancy I had put on a lot of weight. But with help of Dana and her weight management program, I was able to lose 10kg in 3 months. I had a new lease on life, having no craving for junk food and I thoroughly enjoy my exercise now.” – Ann, Doncaster, VIC

“At 113kg, I was obese, overweight and very unhappy. So I asked Dana to help me with my weight. I’ve now lost 30kg and couldn’t be happier. Thanks Dana.” – Matt, Ivanhoe VIC

danabuczek4“I had a big problem with my blood circulation, I love to travel but I can’t spend a lot of time sitting still. My legs hurt me a lot and I could not walk. Thanks to Dana, after her session my blood circulation has improved. Furthermore, I’ve recently just flown overseas for a 6 week holiday, during the plane ride I had little pain in my legs and I am able to walk around with no pain.” – Jane, Glen Waverly, VIC

“I had oedema, diabetes and my legs hurt me all the time and had problem walking around. After two sessions I started feeling better. Now I can walk without pain, I can see my ankle again, my legs are lighter and my flexibility and mobility have dramatically improved. Thank you very much to Dana for her help, professional advice and her high commitment to her job.” – Louise, Mulgrave, VIC